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Hello bishop!
So sorry to hear that you are suffering so much! I have exactly the same symptoms you have, and have had them for over 6 years now. I am pre-diabetic and diagnosed with small fiber neuropathy. However the neuro feels my SFN is autoimmune and related to my rheumatoid arthritis.
I have endured 2 EMGs, vitamin B12 shots and countless medications in an attempt to find something to control the endless burning, stabbing pain associated with neuropathy.
I have done all of the home treatments that you have with roughly the same success as you! I also went to acupuncture for almost 8 months and it did help, but only to a point and then it quit helping.
Getting a diagnosis can be extremely frustrating. I am sure you are keeping a tight control on your sugars!
I went thru the gamut of medications until I exhausted almost every avenue. I am now on an opiate to help with the constant pain, a muscle relaxant for the spasms, and a small dose of chlonazepam at night for the constant pain that wakes me up. Nothing is the answer really for me. Mine is worse at night too.
I am so sorry you are feeling like you do. It is a real loss when your mobility is compromised!
I am so sorry I don't have more words of encouragement to give you. My neuro flat out told me mine will get worse- and it has! But that doesn't mean yours will! I hope you can come across a treatment that will help you. Don't give up looking!
Be kind to yourself and if possible, get a massage. I find that really helps me.
I hope others will have some helpful words for you!
Take care of yourself!
Best wishes, Daisy

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