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[QUOTE=Ihate2w8;4813791]Thanks RP. I understand about the numbness, I have it 24/7. Which is weird b/c how do I feel pain if my feet are numb!? But trust me, I do!

I have so many different symptoms that come & go at will. I've never experienced anything like this before. [/QUOTE]

I agree w/you 100% It makes no sense that I'm numb yet can be in such awful pain.

As I've told people I'm in pain from the second I wake up until I'm able to fall asleep at night.

[QUOTE=Ihate2w8;4813791]My toes are now starting to feel like they are going to cramp & they hurt like heck to put weight on them. I take a vicodin & the pain eases.

I still get the random stabbin pains that take my breath away.

My feet still burn like I'm walking on hot coals.

I feel like I'm walking on pebbles sometimes when I walk.[/QUOTE]

I know the toe thing too....the 3rd toe on my left foot is a BIG issue. Just the other night we were watching tv and BAM!!!!!!! Shooting pain(I can have that pain a few times in a week or only a few times a reason one way or the other) in that little toe...I yell out in agony...K knows I can take a lot of pain(I had 3 blood clots in 3 yrs and never really took anything for pain during them and the recovery) so there must be a major issue..and usually after a few minutes it will go away...sadly some days it comes back a few times every couple of minutes...those are extra bad days :(

It has also started to mess w/my hands...have the shooting pain in fingers at times now...kind of sucks.

[QUOTE=Ihate2w8;4813791]If my toes sense the least bit of cold they hurt like crazy. I had to soak them in warm water at 2 this morning b/c they woke me up cold to the bone. Yet if you touch them, they don't feel cold. I usually get this mostly in the winter but b/c of the A/C being on I think that's what did it last night. [/QUOTE]

Interesting....only thing like that I've dealt w/is walking outside and NOT thinking and the ground is hot but don't know it at first then it HITS!!(and living in Phx you would think I'd remember that)...

[QUOTE=Ihate2w8;4813791]My toenails actually hurt! I know it sounds insane, but they hurt! They throb. But nothing is touching them, they aren't too long. [/QUOTE]

Not insane one bit to me.

[QUOTE=Ihate2w8;4813791]If my dogs tail lightly brushes the bottom of my foot it's enough to make me jump in pain. [/QUOTE]

Last Saturday I held K and my CAG(Congo African Grey Parrot) for the first time in almost 7yrs...and let me say it felt weird BUT so cool :)

[QUOTE=Ihate2w8;4813791]I hate this so much but I'm tryin to stay positive. It's just hard to stay positive when every minute of every day I'm in pain. I don't really have the support system that you do with K, so I'm happy for you that you have that. Sometimes I think my husband just thinks I'm making things up, even tho he's gone to countless doctors with me & seen all the tests that they're run. So I just try to keep my pain inside when I'm at home & not talk about it too much.[/QUOTE]

I know the feeling..believe me It has taken me a few years/MANY talks w/K and a few of my friends to TRY and realize that my attitude sadly isn't going to change my issue...If I'm pissed/mad/down and go through my day OR If I try and just live life I'm in pain either way...for years I wouldn't go out ie grocery shopping or the mall and "dropped" a lot of friends because of my pain, how I walked because of it and my mood...I missed doing things/going out and my decided to try and take it one step at a time and get out/see friends.

I'm so sorry you feel you are fighting this pretty much alone...that really sucks!!! K is my rock! Knows all my doctors/gets my medical records so we have them ect...Have you sat down w/him and explained how you feel? It would for sure be helpful if he was your rock! Keeping all this inside isn't good and getting it out would for sure help and might change your mood for the better.

Try and be positive...I have a brother inlaw that got hurt during High School and is now a quad...I think of what he deals w/on a daily basis and realize I'm in pain every second I'm awake but can get up and walk ect...

IF I can help in any way please let me know...WAIT! A friends sent me a book(sadly I haven't read much and K pretty much finished it) but it is great for people like us...I'll get the title for you and maybe you can get a copy/check it out....MIGHT help you. :)

I hope you have a great Tuesday and do let me know if I can do anything for you...Heck, I can get K on here and you can talk w/her????

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