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I am 16 years old, female, and have been suffering tingling in both lower extremities for 3 months now. I was perfectly healthy, and then just woke up with pins in needles everywhere below my waist. I could not walk and was taken over to Stanford's ER. They ran tests on me, MRI's, Evoke Potential, EMG, blood panals. It all came back normal (they did not give me a spinal tap).
I was admitted into LPCH for 3 days, and put on Gabbapentin (neurontin). I was told that the tingling should go away within 4-6 weeks and that the nerves would fix themselves.
3 months laters, my feet are still numb/tingly, I have abnormal sensation from waist below, I get weird nerve pulses/vibrations down my spine when I put my head down. I can not walk fast/ for very long distances. I am trying to do activities but have not been able to continue soccer on my club team.
I have severe back pain, mostly upper, but also lower. I take ibuprofein or codeine, just came off Vicodin b/c my doctor didn't want me to get addicted. The pain is still very bad, and even in my neck and shoulders.
I can't sit too long or in a certain position because I get very bad muscle aches.
I twitch a bit too, and have had recent troubles with getting a "satisfying breath/ fullness". I think it's due to stress, as I am in my junior year of high school, but my condition does not help me feel more at ease!
I was misdiagnosed with Lyme disease, and have been in the clear for all those weird infections.
I am so grateful for everything I have now, and the support I have, but it would mean so much to me to know what I have, or to know that people out there are experiencing the same symptoms.
I also get tingling in my fingers and hand randomly, and electric shocks in my wrist..
I'm headed out to UCSF tomorrow for another doctors appointment, and twice to Stanford next week.
Any ideas would mean so much to me!

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