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Can any one help me? I am totally freaked out.

All this weired pin and needles, numbness, burning sensations, cold feeling in my legs and arms, face, scalp, even tongue stared since April this year.

I went to see a Neurologist in mid July, I am slim, he said B12 deficient could cause all this weired feelings, ordered about 15 blood test(Renal, Thyroid, FBC+Diff Liver, FSH/LH, ESR, Bone, PRL, Serum B12, CRP, HBA/c, Iron, Ferritin, Red Cell Folate, Lyme), and Somato-sensory Evoked Potential test, all come back negitive.

Since mid July, I noticed pain in the tendon in my feet, also I could feel the movement of the joint of every bones in my feet(I mean, when you move your body, usually you do not notice the movement of the connecting part of your joint, but in the mid of July I could feel it ), this lasted about a week also.

Then in early August, I stated to notice, my shoes are loosely fitted , toes look really bony, and skin is saggy.

Now, early September, I noticed my legs look different, the muscle of lower part of the legs is shrinking. And some indentation in the area where the legs connect to the upper body.

My question is, are these weired things atrophy? I went to ER and my GP, they think I am some type of phyco, they say atrophy comes with muscle weakness. But I do not have muscle weakness.

My question: 1. Does atrophy must come with muscle weakness?
2. Can Peripheral Neurophy develop so fast? Pin and needles feeling started in mid April, and atrophy started in early August?

(Also I need to mention is, since Mid June, my hands wrinkle very fast in water, with in 2-5 mins in water, they look like have been water for 24 hours, since early August, my feet started having the same problem too. And now I notice there are much more wrinkles in my hands even then they are dry, probably the beginning of hands atrophy? )

Does anyone know I have ASL or peripheral Neurophy, or some other weired problems?

Is there a cure for all these things?

I have another appointment on the 3ed Oct, since my problems are developing very fast, I am worried maybe by 3ed Oct, I can not walk any more.

I am sacred, I am only 36.

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