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I have had peripheral neuropathy for 6 months, and have been on neurontin for about three months with very limited success. I sent off for a "nerve support formula" with a different type of b-vitamins and some other stuff. After one month I have not seen any relief.

The folks who sell the stuff tell me to be patient and buy more of the formula. Has this type of product been helpful to anyone with peripheral neuropathy, or should I just pursue my "money-back guarantee" before too much time goes by?

I would be very happy to hear from anyone who has tried such a remedy.
You mentioned being on Neurontin for a while. That was my first nerve medicine. I told my doctor it like chewing on Tic-Tacs for all the good it did me. I was on many of them, almost seven. Then my doctor found Lyrica. For me, it was like a miracle or something. I had close to four solid hours pain free. It was the best nerve medicine that I had used. It was solid for years and then I started developing resistance to it. My doctor needed to suppliment with other things. Others told me about taking B vitamins and it helped. I have more control over the pain. I hope this helped.

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