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For a week now I have been getting tingling pins and needles sensation in my upper back towards the left of my spine. sometimes it goes numb and it is pretty constant. I dont know what to do, im not sure if I should see a doctor?

Does this mean I have permanently damaged a nerve? Im kind of scared cause today I thought I could feel a bit of tingling in my face. Could someone help me distinguish the cause of this and if i could have possibly done some permanent damage? Before the tingling started I did get this really weird pain in my back. Also what should I ask for from my doc if I go to see him?

You for sure need to see a doctor...I'd go to a Neurologist and he for sure can check you out/order some tests for won't know anything till that is done.

Hope you have a better Friday.
so should I give it somemore time? or should I see a doc asap? My parents dont think its anything to worry about. dont u have to see a doctor first before you can see a Neurologist? The numbness and tingling is only in my back today. Im kind of worried the doc will think im crazy if I go see him. does this sound serious enough?
Hi, I would go to your local GP, they can order basic tests and if a neuro is needed they will refer you to one, might just be a mononeuropathy caused by inflamation, but best to get it checked out properly.

Did you lift anything heavy prior to your trouble ?

good luck

Hi Aussie, thanks for your reply.
no, did no lifting prior. If it it is inflamation or whatever how long would it normally last? Im kinda busy the next few days so Im not going to be able to see a doc, would I be running any risks by not seeing a GP straight away? Im just hopeing that its just going to go away.
Well, if it was me i would make time to go and see a doctor, who after an examination would be in the best position to make any judgements, as far as if it requires urgent attention or not.
okay so I just had an appointment with a doc, he pressed along my spine and told he if there was no pain lifting my arms to the sky etc then theres notheing to be concerned about. He also said that if the tingling doesnt go away in 2 weeks timee to see a chiropractor.

Im just not so sure, I didnt really understand what he thought was the cause. He thinks I pulled somthing with my muscles. Does this sound about right or should I seek another opinion?
When a muscel goes into a spasm it can aggravate a nerve/s, just see how it goes like the doc said for a couple of weeks, it may just settle down in a few days, but if it gets worse get another opinion.

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