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Right now, I'm having pain in:

upper back,
dull ache/numbness in center of back right on the spine (sometimes to the right of it as well),
low back aches (occasionally),
shooting pains in forearm, wrist, and right below my ankle (all on the left side),
tingling in my left hand,
tremors/tingling on the left side of my lip,
and a strange pain that radiates up both sides of my neck (kinda near the carotid artery/thyroid)...

does anyone have a clue or share the same symptoms?

Oh, and when I look down, there is a slight "pulling" feeling in the center of my spine/back.

I'm tired of the all the pain, aches, and tremors. I'm getting depressed. I've had 6 blood tests in 3 weeks, and all that came back was a borderline positive ANA test. Everything else was fine. Previously, I had a high SED rate but that is coming down.

Anyone, help?

The tingling sensations and dizziness began when I was taking a medication (nitrofurantoin) for a UTI, but that was over 3 weeks ago...

anyone, help?

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