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[QUOTE=dallascowboyzfa;4868645]Hey Wookie,

2 more questions...have you been on any type of medication, on or around the time that your symptoms started?

Are you having any muscle twitching?


Hey, sorry for the super late reply. I haven't really been on medication. I've tried vitamin b12 as i'd read somewhere it helped. Hasn't really improved anything though. Yes, i've had muscle twitching all over, even eye twitches. Nerve conduction is a bit painful but bearable. Mine looked normal, but i've read such a test isn't necessarily good at picking up small fiber nerve damage.

I haven't had the MRI. Unfortunately my med bills have piled up a bit. Problem is still bad. Stabbing/pinching pains in feet, arms, hands, legs, and really all over...along with the twitches/spasms. Also, I have noticed some dizziness at times/Feels like a have to go to the bathroom more than usual. Not sure if that has anything to do with it. Trying to hang in there. Hope all is ok for you.

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