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Any opinions from those who have experienced anything similar would be most welcomed.
I originally got peripheral neuropathy after an acupuncture session. At the end of that session my toes curled up into a fist and it took both hands to bend them straight. I walked home. Later that night I realized that my feet were numb and tingly from the ball of my foot to my toes and it felt like there was something stiff ( like cardboard ) between my toes. In a week there was numbness and tingling in my feet/ankles and calves. Then some less notable tingling in my thighs. For the first month my feet would get very hot at night on several occasions and there were associated odd pains here and there with that prickly ( or popcorn ) feeling under the skin of my feet and legs. I could tell that this weird reaction/condition had also left me feeling a little removed from my body - namely - that when laying down at night, It felt like I was not as connected to my arms as I had been and I actually wondered if they would move if I decided to move them. They did - but there was a minor sensory disconnect. My tendons felt like steel cables and I had the feeling that I had some kind of tendonitus. One finger on my left hand stayed bent when I opened my hand and I had to bend it straight twice. I sometimes feel that this will happen again.

Then I noticed that my knees were weak one day - as they gave out a little
to easily when I bent them. This became a clear fact within a week.

So what has happened is that my legs became more weak and wobbly
for 4 months. Then just before seeing a neurologist the strength came back and all symptoms subdued. Wanting to see if this would continue, I canceled my appointment and then WAM ... all the symptoms came back for 4 3-4 weeks before returning back to almost normal. After two weeks of this and feeling encouraged that all my Methyl B-12 was working, the weakness returned and has remained now.

Having been very worried about this condition - especially because I worried that I could lose the use of my legs ( based on reading about neuropathy ),
I noticed that my leg muscles were more strong than ever and my tendons
were like steel cables - YET my knees remain weak despite this. AND SO
I realized that my calf and thigh muscles have become much stronger to compensate for the weakness in my knees. They are what is holding me up. Yesterday I noticed that my knees started to give out a few times.

I'm worried that this condition will lead to the loss of mobility as this condition - whatever it is - worsens.


I have not seen a neurologist because I am afraid that the needles and electrodes and electricity used to take the tests - might inflame this unusual

Thanks very much to anyone who has experienced anything similar.

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