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Well, I'm so happy to know that I'm not the only one that thinks she's going crazy. I started out with my primary care dr. who did some test and then sent me to a pain management dr. She gave 4 different sets of injections one on each side of my spine, did no good. Finally, I called a neuro surgeion and he said I had a pinched nerve at L5, which is the nerve that goes from your spine to your feet. He said I didn't have the normal symptons, like the shooting pains down my leg, only thing that hurt were my feet, my back didn't even hurt but he was 80 - 85% he could help me. So, I had surgery in Feb. 2011, then several months of therapy. He told me it could take 1 - 2 years for my pain in my feet to go away because it takes that long for the nerves in your spine to regenerate. Still in severe pain worse then before surgery. Thank goodness my back still doesn't hurt the only thing is my feet. Been on Lyrica since before the surgery, keep increasing my dosage, last I was taking 150mg in the morning and 300mg at night. I have a new pain management Dr. and he wants me to have that nerve stimulator put in my back. That really scares me, but I'm going to "test drive it" first and see how that goes. He's also decided that the Lyrica is not doing me any good so he's weaning me off of it, today is my first day of just taking 1 150MG pill for the whole day, I do that Sat. & Sun. and then on Monday I start takiing 60MG of Cymbalta once a day. I haven't slept in two weeks and I'm ready to scream. I called them today and told them so he's calling me in something to help me sleep, sorry can't remember what he said, but do know that it started with an "N". I'm really hoping and praying for a nights sleep tonight!!! Will let you know how it goes with the Cymbalta. Good luck!

Sorry for all you have been going through. I just read this entire thread and it is bad enough to be in pain, but to feel less than from a doctor parading around his degrees! You are equal...we all put our pants on one leg at a time, so don't ever feel because he is a medical doctor he can treat you less than.

I too have had many problems with medications not agreeing with me for one reason or another, however I finally found one that works, not 100% but better than most and it is not a narcotic. It is called Topamax. (I take the generic version) Unfortunately, I do not have the greatest side effect of all which is weight loss, like so many people do and are happy with. It is an anti-seizure medication used as an off label prescription. I have Complex regional pain syndrome (nerve damage) in both hands/forearms, from having 10 surgeries between both hands. There are some side effects, like nauseau...all things I had to weigh out while taking it. I still have pain and I do still take 60 mg a day of Cymbalta, just dropped it from 60 mg 2x a day.

I have also learned that when my body gets low on potassium it (body) gets very prickly, like pins and needles everywhere, I feel like a voodoo doll. I eat a banana and literally feel better shortly after!

There are no miracle drugs whether they are pain pills or not, so we all have to find our own ways of managing and coping with our pain and knowing our limitations. When we have bad days, we cannot push ourselves, good days, maybe we can push a little harder. I have a tens unit , lidoderm patches, use icy hot at times, tylenol, advil my medications and sometimes just get so frustrated...say the heck with all of it (but still take my medications) I get nerve blocks done also, which are so scarey! needle injections in my neck, to calm the nerves in my arm and hand!!! and they hurt like you know what!

I wish you well and don't give up on finding a doctor you can be comfortable with because otherwise you will be in more pain sitting all tense with a jerk doctor!!!

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