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Hello, Jen...i read your post. I cannot believe your doctor doesn't want to give you pain medication that wll help, other than Lyrica. I have had burning pain in both legs for years. To begin with, had to go through the testing and the general medicines that didn't much help, similar to you. My primary doctor sent me to pain management doctor. They started me on oxycontin, because i was not getting results from Hydrocodone from Primary doctor for chronic pain any more. Then, it was changed to Fentanyl, although I didn't really want them,the patches. Pills or capsules are much easier to control what you take on worst days, etc. I was told I had peripheral neuropathy, supposedly caused from back problems. I had to retire from work because it was getting best of me, especially at night. You can't manage patches as well, because they are meant to stay on all the time. It does not stop all pain, and the patches do not help acute pain much. But, I have to say, it did allow me to function much better and I still have them. My insurance would not pay for them in August unless I paid $212, Sept. $346, Oct. $390, due to doughnut gap thing. Well, I couldn't afford them, but did get August prescription filled. I wrote to the co,, but it didn't help. It was bad because this type medicine you can't just stop all of a sudden, as you probably know.

I was also given Lyrica, after i could not tolerate Neurontin. But, ins. wouldn't cover brand name Lyica, so now I take Lamictal, in generic form, to help the burning type pain, though the samples of Lyrica I tried seemed to be a little better. Maybe it is coincidence, that my legs have been burning a lot more lately, plus having the arteries problem. Seems like it would be worse in just leg with blocked arteries, but both my legs are bothering me more these days. It hurts to just touch my legs. Does yours do this? I have my next reg. appt. with my reg dr. next week. He is the only one I have seen for years because he took over my case, so I wouldn't have to travel 100 miles to pain management dr. I have no idea what started all this. I played softball for many years and have always been active enough. I enjoy doing yard work. I do feel tired more lately, and I wonder if that is related to circulation problems. I don't want the artery surgery, but mmight have to. even though foot is better, it is still numb on bottom and feels like something tight is around mmy ankle going under my foot. Hurts if I stay on feet too much. I can sleep now, most of time. I just hope it doesn't morph into a heart attack or stroke, which I've read could happen..

I hope you are feeling better from neuropathy, and if not, you find a pain management doctor, especially if you are still trying to work..So sorry for length of this post. Take care & God Bless...kittyamazing
I recently saw a magazine article stating that neuropathy is caused by poor circulation in legs. I thought it was just nerve related somehow But, coincidentally, this past June, I had a very numb and painful left foot, caused by two blocked arteries in my left leg. I spoke of that in PAD post on this site. i had none of the risk factors for getting blocked arteries. The doctor I was sent to after the doppler ultrasound testing, wanted to immediately jump in and do the invasive type balloon/stent surgery. I had read where taking certain OTC medicines, along with chelation type medicine, might help some people, so I decided to do that. My foot is much better than it was in June & July, it was one of most painful things I ever went through.

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