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Has you vit B12 level been done ? if low, was your ' B12 binder' levels done ? If the B12 level was low you should start immediately on B12 IM injections ( a loading course then monthly maintenance). You must see a Hematologist and a Neurologist to have nerve conduction studies done on you limbs. The most effective form of B12 is Methlycobalamin - do not accept cyano- it is poorly' absorbed', hydroxy is better but the methyl is super- effective , it is not expensive either.
If your GP does not refer you immediately then go privately to a Neurologist who will take care of diagnosis and treatment - later a hematologist can sort out the possible cause ( less important). As this deficience causes intermittant stripping of the nerve covering and also affects the brain, it's important that you take care of it immediately . Are you taking any kind of supplements ? some can cause burning - in the meantime, get a strong B complex tab- just in case some of your other B's are low too, but the B12 situation needs immediate study.
I have a B12 deficiency , same symptoms as yours but as I worked with consultants, I had mine taken care of quickly.

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