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My spouse has just started with this pain... feet and in five month redness is showing on hands... that's how it started with the feet...

We are finding ourselves also bounce from one specialiste to an other, with nothing more but having to beg for painkiller as 4 extra-strenght Tylenol every 3hours doesn't help or is good for the liver...

In my reaserch I found that B12 defficiency can be cause of Neuropathy symptoms, but is extremly hard to diagnose... and it seems that B vitamin in general is the only altought not prooven treatment for nerve damage, and only when the damage is not permanent.

We have tried B Complexe supplements, and it does seems to help... and as far as all my research not really possible to over does on B vitamins... So I strongly recommand to try it... and to seek an other neurologist, or perhaps some sort of auto-immune disorder specialiste, as B12 dificiancy is consider and auto-immune disorder stemming from sort cells in the intestins that are in charge of absorbtion!

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