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[QUOTE=bull353;4879875]Hi, Thanks for your reply to my post , my neurologist does not want to see me he says there's nothing more hecan do . All he does is perscribe lyrica . I've begged him to help ,he just tells me to go to casulalty.[/QUOTE]

Wow!! That is so wrong on their part and so sorry you are having to deal w/those kind of doctors.

I'm on my 4th Neurologist after not liking the answers the first 3 gave me...and I'm REALLY thinking to try for a 5th...I've had a BUNCH of blood and zap tests...a spinal tap and they removed some of my left ankle nerve for a biopsy to be told "they can't treat me until the know why I have PN".

I was on Lyrica and loved it but had to stop due to my Insurance wouldn't pay for it so went on Neurontion...then changed Ins and was allowed on Lyrica...tried it but did NOT have a good reaction to went back on Neurontin...I take the max dose which is 3600mg a day...helps me be able to get out of bed and work but is NOT the answer...even last night my feet felt like someone lite them on fire :(

As far as Vit B12...#4 had me start getting monthly shots of it to see if it would help me....was on for 6 months and retested w/zap tests and he said there wasn't an improvement so stopped the shots. BUT Kath(my wife) just last week and got me some Vit B12 pills which I've started to take just incase they help me even just a little.

I really hope you find the answers you are looking for...know you are NOT alone and this board is full of great people.

Hope you have a pain free Wednesday.
Has you vit B12 level been done ? if low, was your ' B12 binder' levels done ? If the B12 level was low you should start immediately on B12 IM injections ( a loading course then monthly maintenance). You must see a Hematologist and a Neurologist to have nerve conduction studies done on you limbs. The most effective form of B12 is Methlycobalamin - do not accept cyano- it is poorly' absorbed', hydroxy is better but the methyl is super- effective , it is not expensive either.
If your GP does not refer you immediately then go privately to a Neurologist who will take care of diagnosis and treatment - later a hematologist can sort out the possible cause ( less important). As this deficience causes intermittant stripping of the nerve covering and also affects the brain, it's important that you take care of it immediately . Are you taking any kind of supplements ? some can cause burning - in the meantime, get a strong B complex tab- just in case some of your other B's are low too, but the B12 situation needs immediate study.
I have a B12 deficiency , same symptoms as yours but as I worked with consultants, I had mine taken care of quickly.

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