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:confused: Now,after over 1 year latter two E M Gs and several blood tests I have been diagnosed with sensori-motor peripheral neuropathy. I have been prescribed gabapentin, zonegran, cymbalta, and prednisone that didn't help or just caused bad side effects and "the pain remains the same" also I have gained 50 pounds since the start, August 2010. Due to my PCP and Neurologist, and "getting no satisfaction" I had been referred to a pain manangement clinic. The pain center confirmed that I have peripheral neuropathy and after talking to the doctors and thier in house Anesthesia and psychiatry professor I was told that I had legitimate pain issues and I was given a run around by my previous doctors and no help. Now after waiting 2 weeks, I go back to pain center yesterday after the last visit when I was told that they would come up with a plan to help me with my pain problems. The doctor tells me that they will prescribe me percocet for pain management,( 3- 5 mg a day ) but now I need too start over again and find a doctor that can help find the cause of P N pain, because they are a pain center and pain meds are a band aid and I need to find the reason to what is causing the pain.
The percocet help better than the other meds., but my feet still feel frozen at times especially at night and constant leg and knee pain, and having problems climbing just a couple of stairs. I'm trying to stay positive and move forward, my first neurologist told me that my P N is idiopathic and couldn't find a cause and all that can be done is to try to find a combo of meds to make me comfortable. Now I'm told I need to find a cause that is giving me the pain. I'm sure the weight gain doesn't help, but I would need more that 3 pain killers to help me to exercise and get around but I'm afraid to ask for more pain meds in fear of getting labeled a drug seeker.
I'm going to slow eating and change eating habits in hope of losing some weight along with walking for exercise as tolerated. As far as trying to find new doctors to find pain cause I just don't know.
I had come to terms that I have P N and just deal with it, but to start out again thinking that someone can find a cause of the p n pain and going through more testing and maybe getting hope for a cure sounds like I would be setting myself up for failure with false hope.
Is this our life sentence of P N chasing for a cause of P N pain and hoping that it can be stopped, with a happy ending getting all better without pain? I really would appreciate any feedback about this, as I'm tired of tying knots and hanging on when I reach the end of my rope!
THANK-YOU to all that listen. lvp714

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