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Hi PalesAngel,
Lots of us here have SFN as our diagnosis too, so this is a good place to come for help and support.
Do you know the cause of your SFN? Mine is auto-immune-related to my rheumatoid arthritis.
I can appreciate how you feel about getting this diagnosis, as there isn't much published help out there. It took 2 neurologists and 2 rheumatologists to finally come up with the diagnosis for me. There are many things you can do to help alleviate the pain and numbness. I have tried a lot, but others will also have more things that work for them.
Warm baths are helpful. Proper footwear is imperative!!! Never, ever go barefoot.
Check to see if you are getting enough Vit B12, others on this boards have more information on that. I exercise in warm water which really helps me.
If you are taking narcotics it is critical that you use some kind of a bowel regiment to prevent constipation.
I have spent 6 years trying to make this "go away" but I now realize that I will have to live with it indefinitely. It has been quite a journey to get to this point of acceptance and the changes it has brought to my life and lifestyle.
Having a positive attitude goes a long way to helping in the journey. I hope you had a net work of people to support you.
Do as much as you can, but rest often. Proper sleep is a must!!
Because I have no perception of where my feet are anymore, I use a cane. But I made sure it was a funky one!! No more high heels for me, but that doesn't mean I can't still dress with personality- just the shoes have flatter heels now.
A lot of people ( me included) are so scared of the addiction to pain meds that I used too little of them so that I wouldn't get addicted. But I didn't' get pain relief so ended up being frustrated. if you investigate the facts, you will see that very few chronic pain patients get addicted to the meds. They will be dependant on them, as their body is used to having them, but once the pain is gone, the need for narcotics is gone, and you can be safely be weaned off of the meds. Trying to find the right combo of meds can be a real pain but in the end it will be better if you have the right mix. Unfortunately there is no one "fix all" pill.
I really wish you luck on your journey with peripheral neuropathy. This is a very good place to come for advice and support. We all learn from each other!!!
My very best wishes and hopes for some pain-free days!

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