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My Neuro just diagnosed me with SFN. And I'm totally confused about it.

Ok I've read most of the posts on this and am still scared "poopless" aside from the chronic constipation.

I've had so many blood tests done in the past month, my hands and arms look like a really bad IV drug user who couldn't find a vein.... lol

I have a lot of the "typical" symptoms, burning/tingling that started in my right foot, and up to my knee and now is in my left foot and up to my knee... so both legs..only my right hand.. which you could draw a line to split out my ring finger and my pinky finger up to just past my wrist goes numb/to sleep for no apparent reason. A wrinkle in the bottom sheet on my bed can wake me because it is so uncomfortable. Right now my reg dr put me on lido patches and percocet to help control the pain and discomfort. The lido patches help a little bit.. I try to take as little of the percocet as possible for fear of addiction, and I HATE feeling 'zoned'. I have a lot of weakness and fatigue.

I have had MRI's no pinched nerves, no signs of MS, and honestly they look fairly clear, all my vitamin levels were good except Vitamin D which now I take supplements. Thyroid is being checked again (which has been 'normal' every time it is checked), CBC is being checked again, (always been with in 'normal' range with only slightly elevated white bc count but still 'normal'), blood tests for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are being done, not an alcoholic, not a recreational drug user. Hormones were low at one point but not any longer with medication. About 2 years ago I had glucose tests done, fasting and non fasting.. everything was with in 'normal' ranges.

Is there any information/advice someone can give me on this?

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