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[QUOTE=danabarb;4892162]Are you on any medication because certain medications can cause these signs? If you are, I suggest that you have your blood levels done to see if you have the correct amount of the drug in your system and I speak from experience.[/QUOTE]

The very first time this ever happened to me, I think it was from a drug reaction and neurontin cleared it up. Now neurontin doesn't touch it, but it helps my pain to some degree and it helps me sleep, at least. I tried stopping all of my medications, and all I did was sleep 20-22 hours a day. So now I take neurontin at bedtime and plaquenil every 2 days, that cannot be doing this to me. I have chronic fatigue from having a connective tissue disorder, and why it wants to make me sleep that freeking long, and I can't function unless I take a prescription medication, namely those two. I want to know what's wrong, and I'm so tired of having the type of problems that I do, and not having any answers. The neuropathy is just sensations and pain, and sometimes I feel like my insides are on fire, but that stupid tingling drives me up the wall. I'm sick of it. My neuro thinks it might be MS but I've had no tests to confirm it.

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