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With the appropriate tests, can you find out why you have neuropathy?

I'm wondering if what I have is really even neuropathy, considering I have no loss of sensation anywhere, or loss of strength (other than generalized muscle weakness). That weakness is not apparent on a physical exam, just when I attempt to exercise or an overall feeling I get.

Tingling, prickling, pins and needles, shooting pains, spasms, twitching, burning,, what am I forgetting, I don't know?? lol..

The tingling is all over, and it's constant. It affects my bladder, to how often I urinate.

My insurance doesn't want to approve an MRI to see if it's central. I have had an EMG and some blood work that was all normal.

Would a nerve biopsy help in the diagnosis? What would be the chance it would show the problem?

Can your arteries cause neuropathy? I just find it weird, that I feel sharp stabbing pains from my pulse thomping, or I have twiching from my pulse pounding so hard, just wonder if something might be going on there my doctors have overlooked.

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