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I just love you all. You talk and talk to me anytime I need it.. I appreciate you giving up your own time to do so. It's very helpful.

Lisa, I don't think I have nerve damage, such as any loss of feeling or whatever, I know I don't have, but I don't understand why my nerves are acting so crazy with these sensations.

Ruby, I learned what idiopathic meant in school this week, lol.. But thank you. I don't take plaquenil for this particular problem, I am taking neurontin. I cannot go up on the dosage for all I would do is sleep and I have fatigue really bad as is. Neurontin only controls the pain anyways, it doesn't do anything for the sensations which is most of my problem. I have already tried cymbalta and that was a very short trial. It was horrible with side effects.

Daisy, I'm sorry. That sounds like that would really hurt. That reminds me of my spinal pain. It's nasty pain!

I think the first thing I will do is ask my neuro for a beta blocker, calm my pulse down, and see if it makes any difference, if not, I am going to tell him to do the spinal tap to see if I could have MS. I will have to do some reading on SFN for I don't know much about it.

I'm not at all willing to be told this is idiopathic for even if they can't figure it out, doesn't mean a cause isn't there. Tired of my health problems going down that path. They never do enough to really see for sure what is wrong. They just let it go. My neuro will help me however, he is an awesome doctor.. So nice, always wants to just see me feel better. :D

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