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Hi all,
A week ago I injured my ulnar nerve while doing jiu-jitsu. Basically, my elbow was hyper-extended, but in a direction perpendicular to the direction the elbow bends (so, with my hand out in front and palm facing up, my ulnar nerve was stretched as my forearm was torqued away from my body). I've had an X-ray and an MRI, no fracture and the nerve isn't severed, but it is badly "stretched". My hand is a mess right now. I can't spread my fingers or straighten my pinky, and the pinky side of my hand is numb with pins and needles (but at the same time, being very sensitive, so that the slightest touch feels like electric fire). My grip strength is way down, I can't use a fork and knife, and I can barely open medicine bottles. I'm a 36 yo male, otherwise healthy and active.
The doctor tells my that the nerve will "probably" heal, to "almost 100%", but that it will take 12-18 months. I'm doing PT twice a week, and arm/hand exercises 6 times a day (no change over this first week). I'm especially bummed about this, since I'm a fairly high level guitarist (or at least I was), I've been playing my entire life and I love doing it. Now I can barely play single notes.
Mainly I'm just looking for a little hope. Has anybody gone through something similar and managed to regain fine motor control of their hand? Also, if there are any thoughts on things to do to increase my chances of recovery I'd love to hear them (I realize that the doctor is the best person to talk to, but maybe somebody has suggestions for vitamins or something, I'll try anything so long as it doesn't risk further damage). Thanks...

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