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Kingskot, I know how you feel. I am a little younger than you, only 21, but Im also a guitarist (or used to be since I was 13) and I severed my nervus ulnaris in an accident in november 2011.

From what my surgeon told me, there is no improvement to be expected until the nerve has fully grown back and reconnected with your hand. Since the nerves grow out of the spine, they have to grow back the entire distance between the location of the severance to their original destination. The nerve between the cut and the hand simply dies and an empty tube remains for the new nerve to grow through. At 1 mm per day its going to be about one and a half years until you may get your hand back. Although you didnt completely sever your nerve, which may mean that you're going to recover faster. But it may not.

My muscles have atrophied a lot and guitar playing is out of the question, however the other muscles in my hand appear to have grown stronger. I can open bottles again with my left hand, type normally, roll cigarettes, use fork and knife and everything else, but I cant play even a normal c-chord because my fingers wont spread wide enough. I decided to pick up the harmonica as my in-between, but possibly forever new instrument and my band even accepted that I now have a new position, so I still make music.
I suggest you do the same. after years of regularly making music, just stopping one day to the other is not healthy. Pick up the harmonica, or the flute, or anything else you might want to try. it may end up being quite inspirational.

Good luck getting your guitar back asap though, it sucks losing your instrument like this.
Thanks for your advice. Sorry to hear about your injury, but don't give up hope. Since I started looking into this I've heard a lot of stories about amazing levels of recovery, even from severed nerves. My control is improving at a snail's pace, but I've seen every specialist I can see now (including some who specialize in nerve damage in musicians) and they are all hopeful. Your youth will help you a lot. Just keep up with your PT, and if you can find an OT that specializes in working with musicians that's even better. If you haven't already look into getting an e-stim machine you can use at home to keep your muscles from wasting as much (even if insurance won't pay for it you can get one for a few hundred dollars, well worth it to get your hand back), I've had luck with mine.

Bets of luck, it definitely sucks, but hopefully things will get better for you.

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