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I underwent ulnar nerve transposition surgery in May 2010 (going on two years ago) for cubital tunnel syndrome in my left hand. Prior to undergoing the surgery I was experiencing numbness on the left side of my left hand including my pinky finger and half the finger next to it. My orthapaedic surgeon advised that I ad no choice but to undergo surgery as if I did not, I would in time lose the use of my left hand, and in good faith I trusted his advice.

It is now going on two years later and my hand is still quite numb (perhaps a small improvement in the numbness aspect, but I have been living with chronic pain in my left hand, which is with me for all my waking hours. In addition, I live with (I will try describe to best of my ability) a permanent very compressed/tight feeling on left side of left hand and pinky and finger next to it. I spend my waking hours,moving my two left fingers around in a desperate attempt to make this tight feeling go away, but it never does. I am no longer even aware that Im doing this and although by now I know it doesnt help at all, I still do it. Apart from the pain, compression and bizarre sensations in my left hand is the embarrasment of people staring at this bizarre involuntary movement (looks like edward scissor hands without the scissors). This has devastated my quality of life and the pain is so intense that it often takes me ages to fall asleep.

I have been for two MRI scans and frustratingly nothing shows up on the scan. If I could only display on a projector what I am feeling in my hand and fingers, but I cant and its as though this is all in my mind, but for me its very real and very painful. I have been to see four other hand surgeons along the way who have said that my hand would heal with time, it has not and I dont know where to turn. Im told that follow up surgery is not possible.

Had I known that i was trading minor numbness in my left hand for permanent pain, unbearable compression and involuntary finger movement, and a numb patch the size of canada in myt left elbow where he operated on me, I would most certainly not have undergone this nightmare surgery and would have been happy to take my chances with loss of use in my left hand over time. In any event I still in addition still have numbness.

I have looked on the web for someone who may be experiencing these specific post ulnar nerve surgery symptoms but to no avail. Something is very very wrong.

Any advice would be welcome :)

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