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Long time no post.

So briefly this is me(you can read my posts for more detail):

Peripheral Neuropathy, unknown origin, tested for everything in the blood works, negative, COntrasted MRI, negative, no chemicals, not injuries, no high blood sugar levels, just high lipids both cholesterol and triglycerides(still little up), and thats about it.

Diagnosis based on an abnormal EMG/NCV findings, which showed no active denervation. Also by low reflexes both on legs and arms, pretty much symmetrical, but affecting more the legs.

Symptoms: Everything in the book, but started with weakness and numbness(thought it was a stroke at first), then pain, pins and needles, twitching, you name it. Not extreme weakness though much more like tiredness, sometimes extreme, like if I worked out for a competition even without any physical activity.

After several treatment combinations, I was able to control it to a great degree, with nothing more than b-12 and gabapentin as main treatment, with a 0.25 mg dose of clonazepam because the anxiety that this whole stuff triggered in me.

I got increased strength with an elliptical cycle, even better than before the neuropathy, with occasional mild to moderate crisis until last week:

Caught a nasty, unidentified virus(they gave me the blood work again), which kept me on a 38 degree(celsius) fever for several days, just as I was beginning to lower my gabapentin dose from three to two daily capsules(Yep, I felt that good)

I was een admited for a day and a half to ER, where they lower my fever but as soon as I get up from bed I was on Jelly legs, and alterated sensitivity on both feet, giving me trouble walking. Needless to say I felt weak all over, as you may expect after the fever days and the hospitalization.

Also needless to say my anxiety blew up the roof, even before I noticed this relapse, which I also notices as some clumsiness in my fingers, pretty much as the first time I got this.

Doctor said that even a bad night sleep could give me a temporary symptom relapse, but this feels a little bit more intense than that.

I'm still virus weak, and muscle weak, but I can jump, stand on one feet, heels, toes, but I'm drained and aching after that, and got some trouble brushing and using forks and spoons. This I haven't felt since almost a year ago or maybe more. This also stands true for some weird burning and/or "wet" sensation in my skin, and the usual numbness. A little extra pain is also in the mix.

The last weird and also long time not felt symptoms are some numbness, tingling and funny sensations in my mouth, chin and nose. This are quite mils and come and go.

Finally I also feel unsteady and dizzy at moments, and pretty normal at others, considering my recovering condition(from the virus).

For now I raised the gabapentin dose again, and my questions are this:

How much can the virus alone cause this and how much can be a part of my already altered nervous system?

As far as I know it's kind of rare that face is involved in PN, any one else with this kind of facial symptoms?

Finally, I was adviced to drink a lot of fluids and rest to get rid of the virus, but this feels slow and now with the added neuropathic sensations it's worse, so... Any advice on how to speed up the virus' infection recovery process?


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