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Hi star!!
I am so sorry to hear that you are so sick!! These viruses are very scary, but good for your for getting to the hospital and getting the fever under control.

You really need to keep yourself really well hydrated, that's a must!! Drink, drink, drink!!

I have some strange sensations in my face- my nose is so itchy and feels "swollen" even though it isn't. I have had SFN for 7 years but this nose thing is new. I have very clumsy hands with some tingling too, but I also have Rheumatoid arthritis which really affects my hands. My dr's feel that my neuropathy is autoimmune and the neuropathy is related to the RA. I haven't mentioned the nose thing to my doctor so I really don't know if it is neuropathy related.

I feel for you if you are having increased pain too. Just what you do NOT need when you are coping with a virus. I am one who just could not take gabapentin. It caused my heart to race and extreme migraines. But 3 doctors have tried to give it to me saying it is "electrician's tape" for nerves. I just wish I could take it as these 3 doctors seem to think it is the only thing that will help.

It may take quite a long time for this virus to leave you completely. Don't get discouraged if you are not rebounding as quickly as you think you should be. The virus you had sounds like it was a whopper! Resting is the time when you are healing, so you should really rest a lot. I wish I had more than a few words of sympathy, but I am afraid that is all I can offer. I really think that going to the hospital was a very wise decision!

My neuropathy is probably the worst it has been in several years right now. No idea why! But I try to keep as active as my poor lo' feet will let me be and just motor on through hoping tomorrow will be a better day. My saving grace seems to be the sleeping pills I asked for, and very reluctantly got, as I can't sleep for more than 2 hours without the pain waking me up. That terrible cycle was making everything worse. But now I get 4-5 hours of sleep at night and I feel so much better.

I am sorry you are feeling so poorly but I hope that you will recover soon!! Hopefully this will be a distant memory soon!
Take good care of yourself and feel better soon!!

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