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BlueCrush - I am a 31 year old who was diagnosed with GBS in 2008 when my feet and hands began to tingle; within 2 days of the onset of tingling, I was unable to move my legs or arms at all. I did not experience burning at all, but a complete paralysis. I ended up in ICU for 10 days, after which they moved me out of ICU into a regular room for 5 days, followed by a stay in a rehab facility for O/T and P/T. I was confined to a bed as I could NOT move at all. The only "burning" sensation I guess you could say I experienced was after my treatment of IVIG for 5 days when the feeling started to return to my arms and legs. And, my neurologist said that feeling was typical when the paralysis begins to go away after treatment. I have done much research on GBS after having it myself, so I believe that everyone's experience can be very different. Some people recover 100%, while others seem to notice lingering effects for years. In my experience, the only thing I notice in myself is that I can function normally for quite awhile, and then fatique sets in out of the blue. Usually, I'm better after a couple nights of good rest. Exercise does help with muscle strength and general well-being. I hope your problem gets resolved. Good luck to you! Sorry I couldn't help with your question about the burning sensation and what would relieve this.

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