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Hi Beth,

IVIG is Intravenous Immunoglobulin therapy, they take the antibodies from the plasma of thousands of people and they clean the blood and test it for viruses, germs and so forth, then they give it to people who have immune mediated diseases, it is used for Small Fiber Neuropathy but its considered off label and so the insurance tries to find ways for not paying for it, but I think through appeals, help of doctors you can get it. Some Neurologists wont even mention it to their Idiopathic small fiber neuropathy patients and some do. So it really depends on your doctor and how much experience he has had with using IVIG, the ones that use it most seem to be Hospital/study center/University type setting doctors and sometimes individual doctors are well versed in it, but most of them will try the prednisone first and sometimes they say tough luck and just treat your symptoms by pain control with opiates and anti-depressants which I strongly feel only adds to the inflammation, Some doctors also use plasmapheresis which removes plasma from your own blood this is also expensive like the IVIG but plasmapheresis makes you weaker and more open to other diseases, Overall IVIG seems to be the best therapy but because of its costs and insurance haggling doctors use other modes of treatments with alot more side effects. Also forgot to mention they will use anti-cancer drugs to kill the immune system sometimes in combination with the prednisone. Some people are open to using chemo drugs in this manner but I think if your immune system is weak why suppress it destroy it, whats that going to solve, I would understand using those things in an auto-immune situations but when you have Idiopathic small fiber neuropathy most auto-immune tests have been done. So in Idiopathic small fiber it seems to be more inflammation response from the immune system but that maybe argued is also auto-immune but not in the sense of a disease causing it but a mono-phasic episode with a toxin, virus or alien, lol

Let us know how your visit goes, do you get alot of itch? pins and needles? Electric shocks?

Take Care,


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