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Hello, everybody, I am new to this site and I am desperately in need of help.

I have been having an ongoing lower leg problem for going on 4 months now. I am at my wits end.

I have missed about 5 weeks of work and if I miss so much as one more day I will lose my job [I am a security guard who needs to walk and I am not collecting workers comp.]

I didn’t have a major catastrophic accident or event with broken bones—it is more of an overuse problem—from walking on railroad tracks to improve balance--long story not to be told here.

I get different stories from different doctors about what is wrong with me and I am seeking out more information so that I may solve my pain problem and end this nightmare.

My pain is in my lower left leg between the bottom of my lower knee and my ankle. It is along the outside of my leg. I guess between the shin and the calf. It is a burning pain that once it starts it won’t stop unless I do the R.I.C.E. treatment, and stay off of it by using crutches. There is no swelling and I am assuming that is because I am treating it before it starts to swell. I don’t know if I am having any loss of feeling or whatever in the foot because all I am focused on is the pain.

Once the pain stops, I slowly start using the leg again. The problem is that it keeps straining, spraining again [becoming inflamed and painful again].

The ER initially said it was a sprained knee [11-8-2011] even though I told them that the pain came up the leg toward the knee from below. The OS insists that it is a sprained knee—an LCL.

I went through a period of 6 weeks where I re-sprained it 8 times and wasn’t using the muscles in the leg for that period, because everytime it healed, I would get back on it and …..boom. Resprain. Finally I got it healed and rested it for a week before starting to use it.

I did manage to get an xray and mri of the knee, and neither of those showed any damage or problems.

After walking on it for around 5 weeks and doing PT, I managed to re-sprain it again. This time however, I noticed that the pain was being caused by me moving my foot. Everytime I moved my foot, the sharp burning pain came up the outside of my leg toward the bottom of my knee. The pain got so bad I went back to the ER [2-13-2012] and they said it was tendinits [they didn't do any xrays etc.]

I went back to the OS and told him about it and he didn’t want to listen to the tendinits story. He insisted there was nothing surgically wrong with my leg/knee and he insisted that I start walking on the leg again [by that time I had been off of it for seven days by using crutches and a wheelchair. So I didn’t see him while the leg was inflamed. I had been treating it with R.I.C.E. for a week before I saw him].

Everything was fine until 5 days later when I was attempting to hand-wash the foot, and somehow the movement has ignited another resprain incident. I am currently back on bedrest using crutches and a wheelchair.

I called a local dial-a-nurse number operated by the county and the nurse mentioned something about a peroneal nerve before she hung up. She was busy and didn’t have time to go into details.

Could somebody please tell me what I am dealing with here? Do I have nerve damage? Is this a peroneal nerve issue? I am on a county health plan because of my income, so It is not like I can just go picking and choosing specialists to see. What kind of doctor/specialist do I need to see? What do I need to do to solve this problem?

Thank you for reading.

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