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An ER won't do anything more than give you more pain meds. You are better off going to see a pain management doc who can see about doing a nerve block and then possibly some cortisone to settle down the inflammation. Sounds like they either cut a nerve or crushed it or did something they shouldn't have(or didn't know they were doing) during surgery.

A damaged nerve can take up to 8-10 months to recover...slowest growing cells in the body. But here a couple of suggestions to help. Try taking Vit. B complex....the B's are needed for good nerve growth and function. Neurontin can make you very dizzy so try taking most of it at bedtime with minimal doses during the day. If it doesn't help that well(old drug) you can try Lyrica or Cymbalta...both help neuropathy. Cymbalta is advertised for depression but is approved for peripheral neuropathy...and from my experience, it works better for the neuropathy than the depression(used it after breaking my neck). Many people try ice on the affected area or if you know where the injury to the nerve is. Reduces swelling. If it's a surface type nerve(to the skin) ask for Lidodrem patches....they numb the skin and a little ways down and can really help.

If you are truly going nuts, you can try an ER and you might get some kind of help and a referral to a pain doc but don't expect much.

Sorry you hurt so bad....been there.


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