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[QUOTE=teeplanmyevent;4938553] .............. a yr later, I am now facing the battle of extreme leg pain. It first started in my upper thighs, becoming very hot, numbing pain, to the point, where I would be stuck in whatever position, I was in at the time of onset. It started so painful, it also, would make me fall, bc, leg would go numb.

Now, about 8 months after the onset, I am feeling the pain, in the joints of my leg and groin; on both sides. It is now spreading down my leg. I was initially diagnosed w/ Meralgia Parasthetica, but I wanted to be sure. So, I have been tested for Lupus and other autoimmune diseases, three times, since leaving the hospital. They all come back negative.

I am on Amitriptyline, for chronic pain, however, it does not work. The Tramadol's help SOME, when they had me on Tyl w/ Codeine, it gave minimal relief, and they gave me Vicodin, but that was no help either. And bc of the many pain prescriptions they will not refill them anymore. I just want the pain to go away. I can't work bc of the pain and interferes w/ my caring of my child.

I don't know what to do, this pain is crippling. I am not convinced, that its Meralgia Parasthetica, but what else, could it be? They keep asking me, if I have back pain, and I dont.[/QUOTE]

I have 'excruciating pain' that is a kind of 'pain attack' and during this episode, I sweat to the death all over due to intense pain that lasts for 10 minutes or so and after pain subside I need to change all of my clothes from neck to feet. During that attack, I'm totally crippled to crawling on the floor. However, luckily the med. Gabapentin 100 mg. tid helps and the med. also giving me good nite-sleep. Recently, I had this 'pain attack' because I didn't take the med. for more than a year thinking my pain went away. That was a terrible mistake I made in my life.

In the past years, I was on Vicodin and similar 'powerful med.' for my arthiritis in the spine and those meds. however NEVER touch my 'nerve pain.' Through the experience, I strongly feel that you need 'nerve pain' med. to alleviate your excruciating pain in the leg. I would suggest you to seek a competent Neurologist or pain-management dr.

Other things/questions you're asking in this thread, I can not answer, because I never experience nor heard about those health issues.

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