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I fainted and fell directly on my elbow / unlar nerve.

I thought I was only scraped and bruised, but after 72 hours, the nerve pain began to radiate. It now goes from the elbow into my hand (pinky and ring fingers) and goes up my arm, causes pain in the shoulder, shoulder blade and goes into my neck. My pinky finger now has "trigger finger" and snaps in and out of place when I first wake up. Light nerve pain goes down my rib cage and back as well. My hand grip and strength are weakened (about 60% of normal).

My orthopedic concluded I have an "ulnar nerve contusion" and prescribed 4 weeks of physical therapy, saying I should heal in 4-6 weeks. I did not fracture or entrap the nerve according to the doctor.

However, I'm 2.5 weeks past the injury, have done one week of therapy, have done minimal exercises in therapy (that only seems to hurt the nerve more the next day) and my pain is only increasing or at least staying the same.

I'm going to try acupunture as well next week to see if that will help.

Does anyone have any similar experiences where the healing has been rapid at one point after the injury? Is it gradual or what can I expect?

The docs say I don't need surgery for now, but I'm not seeing any progress in the healing department. The bruise and scrapes are healed up, but the radiating nerve pain is unchanged and goes from my pinky finger all the way to my neck/head.

Thanks in advance for any responses.

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