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Hey All,

After my visit with a Spine specialist this week, I am freaking out and really need the opinion of some experts on here.

1st let me give you as quick a background as I can:

I work a desk job in which most of my time is entering data or typing. I am NOT left handed, but use my left hand to mouse and do most number and home key functions as a result of impingement and surgery in my right.
Starting in April of last year, I have had pain and weakness in my LEFT trap that has gotten progressively worse and migrated up the neck and down the back. I also have weakness in my LEFT arm: bicep, shoulder, tricep, forearm. I have a bit of numbness in my left pinky and ring finger.

Also, what I thought was a separate injury and now am thinking may be related is I have pain in my LEFT leg underneath the knee (on the back)which is constant. It increases and decreases but I have yet to figure out why it gets worse when it does. At one point I could not even walk and the only thing that got me walking again was Acupuncture.

I have seen a Physiatrist who did electro magnetic testing and found carpel tunnel in my left medial nerve. When I asked him if this could explain the pain in my shoulder, trap, neck, he responded with "You could have thoracic outlet syndrome as well" though he did not recommend any other specialist :(

Frustrated with the lack of certainty of the doc's diagnosis I saw a spine specialist who did a few tests on me and reviewed a Cervical MRI. The MRI did not show anything that would imply nerve damage but I tested positive for Hoffman reflex... resulting in the DOC requesting an MRI of my Brain!

The doc was not very empathetic nor was she very good at answering my questions, so I was left with the Web to figure this all out. So far I have seen Hoffman's sign correlated with Lesions in upper motor nerve, cervical spondylitis, spinal cord compression, upper motor neuron disease and multiple sclerosis.

So, you can imagine how I am feeling. Brain MRI? Possible MS? WTF?

so I guess my questions are:
What is your opinion in general? Could I have some sort of Nerve Disfunction? If so, what is worse case scenario? What are the treatments?

Why do I need an MRI of my brain? What do they need to see that the Cervical MRI does not show?

Should I be pursuing workers comp at this point? The Carpel Tunnel Diagnosis is obviously from my job, but I'm still not sure about the pain in the trap, neck, and upper arm. However, I do have medical bills and I was out on disability for 3 months because of all the pain.

If I pursue Workers comp, will I not be able to play my sport, even though my sport does not seem to cause me more pain?

So part of the reason why I want to know all my options is that I am trying to purchase property and need to stay working until I do so for loan approval purposes. I am worried that I will need to go back on disability soon if this is something really serious.

Thanks so much for your time. I really super duper appreciate it!

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