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Hi All,

Was wanting to know some opinions.. In feb last year I got bit up quite badly by bird mites after dusting my chickens we had at the time.
Not long afterwards I started to get twingles, sharp stabbing sensations like someone stickinga pin into me? These can be quite painful, prickling sensations, itching, tingling, crawling sensations and recently pins and needles in my hands and feet that come and go.

This has come and gone for the last 12 months, most recently starting again this feb and I'm currently still suffering. I was pregnant last year and unable to really do anything about it, and Dr's blamed the pregnancy for it then, however 3 months after the birth of my daughter it is back.

There is no rash and no more mites (we have moved since then and dont have the chickens anymore) however I still have this issue. Noone else in my house including my new baby are affected so I know its not any other kind of bug. I have no rash. I'm current seeing a dermotologist who is trying phototherapy but TBH it just makes me more itchy and I can feel my nerves firing off when I'm having the treatment.

Does this sound like neuropathy? This is happening all over my body, not in any paticular spot and ranges from mild to very distressing.

All blood test and things are negative for any of those kinds of things, I am yet to see a neurologist.

Thanks guys, this is making me pretty miserable :(


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