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I have had weakness and numbness in my hands and feet for about 6 month!!
It started from my left pinky then spread to my left arm ,,, few weeks after my left leg start to be weak and then my right leg and right arm have the same problem,,, I don't have any pain ,,,Its just weakness and numbness!
I have been seeing several doctors,,, first doctor ordered complete blood test and it was all normal,,(no diabetes no b12 deficiency)then take some xrays and he said I might have some pinch nerve in my neck and back! then I went to neurologist ,,he told me that it might be MS ,, but MRI of brain and neck with contrast and spinal tap came back normal,,!!!no sign of MS,, but it was a bulging disc in my neck which was mild.
I have done heavy metal poisoning and liver and thyroid hormones test and all was OK !!
for the last month I have been going to chiropractor and I feel better than before but I still have all issues,,,
my hands are week (I drop the small objects sometimes) and burning sensation in my feet and weakness in my legs,,, I have never had any sphincter problems so far,,
I scheduled to see another neurologist next week !
is there any body have had this problem before??!!!
please help

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