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Hello boardmembers. Ive been lurking around for a couple months from board to board and i have a situation if anyone can relate or chime in.

I had a bad bmx accident and mangled my right hand. My hamate hook was destroyed and some more bones busted. I hade my hook totally replaced and pinned in. The pins came out and i was supposed to be good to go, but the 4th and 5th side of my hand is still bad. My pinky and ring finger are numb, tingly and do not work. The hand itself on that side is swollen, and if touched feels like electricity. Its extremely sore and the pain is constant.

I know thats where the ulnar nerve is and i was wondering if anyone has had this problem. Would the nerve be taken out, repaced, or stay how it is with a lifetime of injectons and medications? I go to see a pain specialist on the 5th and hopefuly I will get answers, but I always appreciate personal experiences. Thank you all.

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