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Thanks again, Ruby8! :) My legs arms hands and feet are all affected by numbness and pain, tingling, burning, sometimes cold spots, etc. and tremors run from the back of my head to mid spine and down to mid arms. I'm glad to hear that you still go hiking! I love to hear that people can keep on doing what they enjoy while having to deal with neuropathies. I exercise daily too and lift weights. With your SFN, do you have any vision issues? Do you know if vision issues can be a part of PN? I've read conflicting info on it. My vision is blurry sometimes and I don't know how to describe it but there's a sensation of sensory overload some days, like I just can't stand looking at anything or it's just "too much". Especially when driving. Thanks so much for answering my questions and sharing some of your own experiences.

mom3nene2, sorry for asking all these questions on your thread and I hope you come visit soon to tell us how your test went! :)

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