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Thanks for responding ladybud! Yes, the numbness started out in my hands and feet a few years ago, then went to my left arm only for awhile, then went to left arm and left leg last year, then this year it is both arms, both legs, both hands, and both feet. After extensive testing, no vitamin deficiencies were found, no MS, no lyme disease, no diabetes, etc. Everything on me looks fine except for the cyst in my spinal tissue. I'll be having the EMG/NCT in a few weeks in order to determine if I have neuropathy. I'm starting to think I have two separate issues but I was hoping it was just the cyst causing my problems.

[QUOTE=ladybud;5010905]Anything wrong with the spinal cord can cause numbness and pain in extremities, but it acts differently than peripheral neuropathy. PN affects the most distant parts of extremities first, like feet and hands and progressively moves closer to trunk. There are many causes for it, like low thyroid, connective tissue disease, B12 and folate deficiency, hereditary predisposition, alcohol abuse and diabetes. Those things should be checked if it is PN, as sometimes it is treatable, like the thyroid and vitamin deficiences, etc. PN is described as having a stocking and glove distribution and symptoms are usually worse in lowwer ext. A spinal problem is more often worse closer to trunk, and worse on one side or the other. Either way, you do need followup and hopefully the problem can be treated easily and completely. Good luck-it should get better with treatment once problem is nailed down.[/QUOTE]

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