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Hi tangerine49, I've never heard of B6 induced PN. I hope someone comes along that has knowledge in this area to offer advice, info, or support. I can't speak to any of your thyroid issues, but I have all the symptoms of PN. You asked about exact symptoms of it and if you look at all the threads under the Neuropathy topic, you'll find a great deal of them that people have shared.

Mine are tingling, burning sensations, cold sensations, zapping, shock-like, cramping-like, spasms, numbness (sometimes partial, sometimes complete numbness) and pain in my hands, feet, arms, and legs, especially on the left side of my body. I also get tremors and electric like shocks from my neck, to my mid upper spine, in my chest, and down to my forearms. (But not sure if that last part is related to PN. Still going through a lot of testing.)

I hope you find the answers you need soon. Best of luck to you.

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