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[QUOTE=tangerine49;5036194]Hi Again:

You will have to let me know if the Alpha Lipoic Acid does anything for you. It would take a few weeks I think before you might notice any benefit.

Another thing, other than Sensory neurological issues, do you have any motor issues as well? I find my gait to be quite wobbly, and legs feel abnormally heavy most of the time, despite being a gym regular. Some days are worse than others, but definitely NOT normal. Of course my Nerve Conduction Velocities were abnormal in both upper and lower limbs. Still trying to figure out HOW MUCH of this was due to the B6 toxicity - if any, and how much id due to thyroid or other unknown factors.

Any experiences that you can pass along would be appreciated.


Hi Tang
I was also Dx with SNN by SkinBiopsy. are you still taking the ALA? If so, How are you feeling is it helping you? I just started R-Lipoic Acid supposed to be stronger then ALA, 100mgs day ,so far (only 4 days) do not notice a diff. Should I ask my Dr to do a Vit B6 test, Im wondern if that would have been includin in all the bldwrk I had done looking for a cause. I still dont have one. My B12 level was on the low side (284) after taking 1000mg for 3 mos it went up to over 1200, but still had symtoms my doc said to stop taking it. I still have symtoms and its getting worse. Im wondern if I should just have kept taking it. Im staring to think they will never find a cause. This is very scary. Hope you are doing well.

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