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Re: Gabapentin
Dec 28, 2012
[QUOTE=LasVegasgirl;5109192]Hi, I have been on gabapentin for a couple of years. Was started on 300 mg a day but my neuropathy pain is now really severe and constant so am now on 2,100 -2,400 mg a day.

My pain specialist says that this med is the best for nerve pain. I have to agree. He also said it has to be up to a certain strength for it to work and build in your system for awhile for it to work. You may need to up your dose, in order for it to work for you. Also, if it makes you sleepy, take the higher dose at night before bed and take smaller doses during the day. That is what I do. I take 300 mg in the morning, 300 mg at lunch, 300 mg when I get home from work and 600 before I go to bed. It helps me fall asleep as I have horrible insomnia. took me weeks of my body getting used to it and playing with what strengths to take because this med puts me in a stupor at work. That is one thing I hate about this med for me. But with my pain, I could not imagine living life without it now.

Hi Lasvegasgrl
I hope you are doing well. I read in another thread you started taking R Lipoic acid.Are you still taking it and if so how is it working for you? I started it about a month ago, but its been a slow process for me. I can only take 50 mgs every few days because it makes my anxiety worse and gives me a headache. I have Aceytal L-Carnitine but im afraid to take it with RLA may be too much stimulation. I tried Gabapentin a few months ago, only got to 100 mgs for 3 days , made my anxiety worse too, had to stop taking it. I never would have made it to your dose.:(
I am so sorry to hear your pain is more severe and worse. Sometimes I think Im getting alittle better (with all my supplements) and then a few days later it comes back and it feels worse. So disappointing!
My Neuro gave me Lyrica, 75mgs to start. Im nervous about taking it , because Gaba made me anxious and I inderstand both Gaba and Lyrica are in the same meds "family". Glad Gaba is helping you. Did you ever try Lyrica, and do you know if its helpful for sfn? I get mostly pins and needles pain , and tingling up and down my legs, its in my hands and arms now , there are days when I feel it in my face and my lips tingle. ughh..I hate this neuropathy, Doctors still cant find a cause. I am otherwise healthy. But this dx (2yrs now) and chronic pain has me depressed and angry. :(

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