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Maddie C,
I just posted a post very similar to yours. I had shingles and three days later began having major difficulty walking. My legs were numb, heavy and tingly and not very mobile. My arms and hands were tingly and heavy as well but I could move them just fine. I was hospitalized because they thought I had gullian barre. My reflexes were good. I had two MRIs, cat scan, xray and blood work. They didn't do the spinal tap because I had shingles.

That was a little over a month ago. The nuerologist now does not think it was gullian barre because I have good reflexes but says I definately have nueropothy. I now have pain in my legs everyday somedays worse than others. I have muscle cramps, stabbing pains, nerve twitches, and chills that run through my legs. IMy legs and hands feel like they go to sleep so easily now. It happens a lot.

I had an attack two weeks ago that lasted for three days where the pain was very intense deep in the bone and joints it felt like. My walking declined even more. I'm frustrated too because I don't know what to think. I'm not getting too much information from my nuerologist either. She acts as if she is at a complete loss. I have no idea if this is gonna get better or worse.

I go in to have a nerve conduction study done on the 29th and a brain mri on the 24th. I hoping for some results that will help her figure this out. It's very hard a frustating when you hurt so badly and they can't help you. I feel for you, I'm right there with you. Good luck with your appointment. I hope they can help you. Keep us posted on what they say. Take Care.

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