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In 2001 I had an industrial accident and suffered nerve damage it took numerous referrals to different doctors, and four years until this was diagnosed as irrepairable.

In 2005 I had foot surgery, and in 2007 began to experience really chronic pains in my feet the surgeon could find no cause on xrays so discharged me and said, 'every procedure I do she says the pain increases'. I never for one minute insinuated it was his fault. I merely said the recovery of the surgery caused me to develop unrelated pains in other areas of my feet.

In 2006 I changed to a different medical surgery and have since been referred to 2 other Orthopedic surgeons, pysiotherapists, orthotics, muscular clinics who have found no cause for the pain. In 2010 a specialist who deals in patients who fall alot (I did at the time, I dont as much anymore) said the nerve damage had increased in my hand and had now reached my arm.

My GP is really rude and tells me to accept the pain, stop letting it ruin my life, accept I will always have pain and move on with my life. He talked to me as if I was a child and I did nothing but talk about pain.

Ive told him the pain is the same pain as I have in my hand. Its a nerve pain. He said it was probably a trapped nerve or tendonitis (whatever that is). I explained I get a burning sensation in my feet, I get pins and needles, loss of feeling and when walking I feel like the nerve in my leg is going to snap. He asked what pysio said and I said, they said they cant do anything because the bones in my feet are also beginning to turn inwards so I now walk with a limp. He has asked me to come back in 4 weeks when Ive decided what I am going to do????? I asked what he means and he said are you going to forget about this pain you have, and just get on with your life? Im infuriated. Im not good at speaking up for myself and I dread going back in a month to tell him again, what he didnt want to hear this week.

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