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SCS is not to be taken lightly. There is a lot of negative postings on this subject in the PN area. I did the trial for this procedure. No, it did't work for me. The electrical current is meant to divert your mind from receiving the pain signal off the nerve. My sister had the SCS and ended up becoming a total bedbound care because the SCS malfunctioned. She had a major coronary that was masked due to the SCS implant. The teaching hospital team that cares for me after having 11 major surgeries decided after careful studies that the SCS doesn't provide sufficient relief unless you have a narcotic implant done at the same time. BUT, doing this will give relief for a short time and when your body becomes dependent on the morphine or other narcotic the amounts to increase will not relieve the pain but eventually you will not be able to increase without killing you. Also the narcotic will alter test results and diminish your quality of life. So, no I don't feel that is the direction for me. I started to do research and found many alternative methods. I do Holistic approach now. I exercise and push through the pain. I only use neurotin and vitamins and herbs for my pain. Yes, it does work. It does take time though. Your body needs to cleanse out the impurities. I do not eat sugar, caffeine or a lot of red meat. These create inflammation and infection in your system. I know it sounds like a farce but it really does work. Cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, turmeric plus other herbs and spices really do work. I do understand the rough road to detox and the time it took to reach this level. And, no the pain will never be total gone. Nerve pain is bad and permanent unfortunately. I seek a quality life now with what it takes. I do wish you the best. The main thing is educate yourself by researching on the internet but seek information from places like Mayo Clinic and teaching hospitals plus look for the contraindications of any drug, device or other that is recommended. People don't tend to post the positive info either . The end choice is yours...not the doctor be assured the doctor won't be there after the recovery period. If it doesn't work, you will need to have the SCS removed. But, the SCS will not ever allow you to have an MRI. If removed you still will have a foreign objects left inside...the leads cannot be removed because tissue grows around them. So really research and make this decision for yourself based on facts.

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