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I posted yesterday but didn't get comments. I'm assuming it was because I tried to include all the details and it was too long. I'm really looking for advice from some of you. I'm gonna shorten this and see if that helps ;)

1st of July - had shingles
3 days later - major difficulty walking, numbness, tingling and heaviness in legs and arms
Admitted to Hospital - Fear that I had Gullian Barre - was told I had mild Gullian Barre and discharged
Two Weeks Later - Pain began in legs. It was horrible and has stayed with me. My walking became worse. I'm shuffling to walk at this point.

My current symptoms:
Legs & Feet - fall asleep very easily, stabbing pains at times, chills run through my legs or something, nerve twitching in legs, muscle cramps and soreness. Pain in knees and ankles and hips. Tingling and Numbness at times. Loss of sensation - minor. I have good reflexes.

Back - pain in lower back at times and pain between shoulders and neck like muscle tightness. Nerve twitches in shoulder at times.

Arms and Hands - Falls asleep easily too. Very mild muscle pain. Numbness and Tingling too but it less than legs.

Nuerologist has no idea what it is. She feels its not gullian barre because I have good reflexes but knows that I definately have nueropothy.

Tests Completed - MRIs, Catscan, Xray and Labs.

Upcoming Tests - Brain MRI, more labs, and nerve conduction study

This sounds to me like its some sort of Peripheral Nueropothy that was somehow triggered by the shingles attached that I had, but again I have good reflexes still. I'm only 39 and this has been really difficult. I'm going into my 7th week of barely walking with no explanation yet. I suffer a lot of pain daily and I fatigue easily now. Physical Therapy is helping me some though. I was hoping some of you may have a little advice.:angel:

I really need comments please help. I appreciate any advice you may have to offer.

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