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hey all...I am a 54 year old male with PN. i was diagnosed 2-3 years ago, when they couldnt find what the cause for my problems were (seems they always just label it PN).My condition is this: i am typing with a pencil taped to my palm to push down the keys on the keyboard. I can no longer type with my fingers because of atrophy and pain. My thumb and forefinger havent been able to bend in over two years and last year, my hand lost all muscle control. the tendon and muscles from the wrist to the elbow have atrophied (2010) and no longer are visible.There is not enough muscle left to pick up a pencil, tie my shoes, brush my teeth, ect. the numbness and pain can be excruciating and is constant, but just varying levels. the left hand is 80% numb and the twitching of the muscles is daily now. I have about 80% use of the left hand at this point. i fear the left hand will continue to wither as the right did. My right foot bottom is numb and painful and i am tripping more than ever and losing my balance constantly, but a cane doesnt work as i cant grip the handle anymore. my neck has been giving me problems as of the last 6 months and sitting at a computer is getting harder and harder. i've learned to handle the pain and then it gets worse. i learn to handle the muscles dying and then another muscle starts dying...i take hydrocodone 1-2 times a week when i cant stand the pain anymore (scared of becoming a junkie, i guess).I have no insurance anymore (since 2010) and havent re-seen any doctors in 14 monthe due to money shortage. i dont qualify for ssi, have applied for ssdi (seeing ssdi doctor sept 28, 2012), but that can take years i hear. havent been able to work since 2009 (except a few part-time jobs), so my savings is almost competely used up now. Not even sure if i have a question in all this babbling....guess i just needed to vent......i've had LOTS of tests in the last 3-4 years:MRI's...brain scans, emg, nerve conduction tests, spinal taps, blood tests, x-rays, ultra sounds, been to 10 neuros (one sends me the others), orthopods, you name it...been tested for diabetes, tick fever, small nerve disease, movement disorders, ms, als, auto-immune one can tell me why my muscles are dying and why i have PN...frustrated. i can feel myself becoming more depressed, even though i try to stay upbeat. friends and family dont understand what i'm going through. but finding this website wife is awesome, but i hurt at the fact that she has to carry so much of my burden on her shoulders...i hope you all take this in the manner as i mean it when i say ...i'm glad you guys are here too...i just started reading here, but i never meant anyone who had my problems till thanks...Peter

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