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[QUOTE=Heather Belle;5057987]Thanks Miched for your reply, Can you tell me more about the nature of your pain? Originally I had numb hands and feet which eventually move up to my knees and elbows. Now I have terrible all over pain like a flu. Muscle and joint pain and severe jolts of pain randomly all over. Problems like my hip feel magnified by the Neuropathy. My meds help my pain and sensitivity some. Last summer I coulded walk bare footed on a floor and was jumpy and hypersencitive. Mornings are tough an evenings I'm on the couch. Mid day I feel pretty good but I am medicated. Nights I barely sleep because of the pain and I moan in my sleep if I do. Wow! This is not how life should be. Is this how life is for you?
PS Do you know how to change the title to a more general subject. I wasn't supposed to call it specifically Peripheral Neuropathy?
Thanks HB[/QUOTE]
Hi Heather.... how was your night.... I am out of pain meds... I need to get to the docs and pharmacy... tonight will be hell, and i won't sleep... It's pretty bad when you have to medicate yourself to the point of passing out!!!! I hate it... my relief has been a heating pad. I am waiting to see a Neuro, the doc found 2 lesions on my brain, he thinks I have MS at first I was diagnosed with Fibro, now Pheripheal.... please someone make up their minds.... The nature of my pain you ask.... my legs burn, like they are on fire, and it feels like a thousand needles pricking me the palms of my hands burn and the bottom of my feet burn, I also have it on my face at times...... How do I deal with it..... I don't, I can't, I think about it all the time, I try to medicate myself until i can finally sleep, my most restful time is early morning, that is when the pain is gone.... but then I have to get up for work. I am exhausted, are you???? How do you deal with your pain... What do you do???? I tried every type of meds I can think of.... and I am obsessed now with looking up symptoms on the internet... pretty bad when you have to try a diagnos yourself.

Have a great afternoon

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