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hi im a male 22 years old been diabetic for 4 years all these problems began a year ago when i was at the gym i wasnt doing anything strenuous just some light weight lifting and cardio i went to the gym one day as normal the next woke up had some tightness in my left thigh and since then my problems have been growing now i have pains in both my knees my hips my feet and my sacrum (lower back ) and a constant burning in my urine which give me pelvic stabbing pains when i first presented to the doctors with the problem in my back they thought it was caudea equine but had a mri and all was normal but at this point my walking was becoming bad iv had 2x mris of my lower back 1 emg test of my legs to rule out neuroapthy which came back normal my A1Cs have all been between 4.5 - 7.0 iv had numerous blood tests also went to the length of having a cytoscophy to see if there was any problem within my bladder there wasnt i last week went for another emg to rule anything out as recently iv been having a strange reaction after eating i get a strange shivery feeling then complete tightness of my legs my back my hips and a strange squeezing tightness in my jaw and throat coupled with constant lightheadness which leaves me struggling to breathe could this be some kind of sensory neuropathy or something worse i havent had a test for ms but i dont really think its that im still waiting for my lymes test to come back i also tested negative for coleics disease and autoimmune disorders im 22 and dont want to die im very anxious and depressed that i have lost control of my body PLEASE HELP ME !!!!! :(

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