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Hi I am new to this site. I was recently (3/2011) dx with pred. I Have been suffern for over 1 yr with neuropathic pain. It started with pins and needles in my feet and legs and burning sensations under my feet. It has spread to my lower arms and fingers, this is very painful and worse at night.. I have been to the Neurologist several times. Had all the tests and blwrk done to rule out any autoimmune diseases, MRIS of spine, Brian MRI, 2 EMG & NCS , first one in Nov 2011, 2nd one 2 weeks ago. The tests did not show any damage to the large nerves. My understanding is when the test is "normal" there is still some nerve damage to the small nerves. Doc says I have small nerve sensory polyneuropathy. I have a skin Biopsy scheduled for 2 weeks. (not sure what this test will tell) I tried Neurotin/Gabapentin, I could not take the side effects at only 100 mgs a day. They kept me up all night and made me feel uneasy and anxious. Im willing to try Lyrica, but Doc says they are in the same family , so it may not agree with me.. Did anyone try Lyrica and did it work for you? Still can not find a cause, ( it scares me that the neuropathy will continue to get worse without a diagnosis)!! I BELIEVE the damage was caused from my Prediabetes, My very first A1C was 5.7 (Pred range). Doctors wont agree that I obviously had high post meal spikes that I beleive damaged my nerves. My Fastings are still with- in "normal range" 85-94, so my Doctors, incld Endo dont think this caused my Neuropathy. Its so logical that it did!!!..I have since changed my diet to low carbing, high fats/proteins maintaining good BG Control, still no change in my symptoms. I was hoping the tight sugar control would help heal my symptoms (nerves) or at least stabilize them. My B12 levels were low at first, I took B12 supplements (Vits) for 3 months and my level went high above Lab range, no pain relief ,so doc said stop taking it! Should I just keep taking B12? Does ALA work?. Does anyone know if Gamma linolenic Acid works? I am desperate and need some relief. Doctors dont seem to take me seriously, they are Specialist and seem useless. Sorry for long post, any suggestions or commenst would be greatly appreciated,, Marie

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