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Hi fellow nerve pain sufferers,

I have not been good at posting encouraging posts to you and for this I am sorry. The problem is that I have been looking for someone who has my same symptoms, and it seems I cannot find anyone, though many have similar symptoms. I am a 24 year old male, and in May my life took an unexpected turn for the worse. After taking some medical marijuana, which believe it or not, I had only done once before in my life, I began to notice some intense pressure in my head. I should also mention while taking this drug I also had much alchohol in my system and there is some chance that I also had remnants of the drug Wellbutrin in my system. I say truthfully when I say that up to that point in my life all mood and body altering substances were always taken to make myself feel less anxious around people as I have social anxiety. I did not use any drugs to make myself feel better physically because I didn't have any physical problems that required drugs. The head pressure continued and still continues to this day. It is an extremely annoying symptom but not as troubling as some of the symptoms I began to notice in late July and august which are surely related to the pressure sensation. At first, I thougt it was all in my head so I first took an anti-psych pill called risperidone for weeks and this did nothing then I took clonazepam (a benzodiazepine) for a week which did nothing. But things only continued to get worse for me. Next came the motor nerve symptoms in late July. My legs felt extremely heavy like weights had been tied to them or something when I tried to run in place. I also had extreme fatigue at this time (needed long naps during the day even after adequate nights of sleep- upon waking up I always felt weird like something was off in my head). In early August I noticed my hands were swollen every morning when I woke up and would stay sort of like that during the day - I couldn't open and close my hands as fast as I once could. I began to notice that my eyes were always bloodshot throughout the whole day no matter how much sleep. Then came the tiredness in the arms. The first thing I noticed was how much harder it was to keep my arms up if I was doing dishes for any length of time. Then came the slight inconsistent eye symptoms of slightly blurry vision as well as intense difficulty adjusting from light to dark areas and vice versa. Then came slight difficulty swallowing combined with random (but usual after eating) bouts of difficulty breathing. Then in mid-late August came the muscle twitching and fasticulations. They were everywhere and worse before bed at night. That gave me an ALS fear but my other symptoms didn't match. In all this fatigue was my most debilitating symptom and the reason I quit both my jobs, though the breathing difficulty was my scarriest symptom and head pressure most uncomfortable. I just could no longer work a full day when the whole time at work all I was thinking was when would the shift be over so I could pass out for a two hour nap. It's like my body was telling me it was trying to fix something and it needed tons of sleep to fix it! So I am back at home living with my parents. I get plenty of sleep (9 hrs at night, 2 during the day) and yet my symptoms persist. My newest symptom - mid-September has been burning feet sensation especially at night - a few random other symptoms are muscle stiffness, cramping, neck tightness, plugged ear sensation, inability to feel the sensation you get in your head when you have goosebumps (hard to explain but this is seriously one of my weirdest symptoms), pain in cheek muscles when launching, and feeling constantly out of it. Have had tons of blood work done- all negative, a negative MRI, a negative emg, no thc in my blood or urine, and I believe that is it for now. I know this is long but my hope is that someone will see this and be able to help. Does anyone know what is happening, are there any other tests I can take?? I'm sorry tired of living like this and things only seem to be getting worse. I was living with friends and having a good time in santa barbara and I can't imagine having to go back to work like this. I need help, I need answers. At least some kind of drug that can help. Please if anyone has anything helpful I would so appreciate it. I want to really live again

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