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Hi Rickhev. I can tell you what my neuro told me about B-12 deficiency. I had a very low B-12 level about 1 1/2 years ago and my PCP put me on sublingual B-12 permanently. I developed my neuropathy 3 months after starting on the supplement and have had it ever since with no improvement. My neuro said even though my B-12 levels were back to normal the damage to the nerves that was done by the low B-12 level, may not be able to heal itself. So now I suffer not able to find a combo of meds to control the burning and pain in my feet. I tried Lyrica for 5 months, maxing out the dosage, with very little change in the neuropathy pain. Now we are trying Cymbalta to see if that may help some, from what I've gathered neuropathy is a hard pain to control, unless it is caused by something you can control, like diabetes. I have such a hard time with it I cannot return to work right now, and have no way of knowing when or if I'll be able to. No one seems to understand unless they have it, just how painful this condition is especially in the feet and/or legs. Here's hoping for painfree days for all of us who are plagued by this type of nerve damage, or at least somewhat painfree anyway.

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